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South Coast University Launches Program In Public Health

Cal Lutheran photo
Dr. Adina Nack, Program Director of Cal Lutheran's new program in Public Health

As the coronavirus crisis reaches another peak across the country, a school on the South Coast is launching a program in public health.

California Lutheran University’s new public health minor was supposed to launch earlier this year, but had to be delayed due to coronavirus restrictions.

Program Director Dr. Adina Nack says that now that the ball is rolling, interest is high, and the first cohort of students has already declared their minor.

“So now we’re dealing with a contagious pandemic, and all of a sudden you need public health officials working with our k-12 schools, working with our institutions of higher ed," Dr. Nack says.

"We actually now can see the importance of public health being paired with most of our industries where services are provided.”

Dr. Nack says that as a minor, the program will allow students the flexibility to take classes outside their major, while still focusing on their primary area of study.

Cal Lutheran is the parent of KCLU Radio.

Andy worked at KCLU from 2016 until 2022.
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