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South Coast City Reverses Street Closures For Pedestrians; Reopens To Cars

John Palminteri

While a number of cities on the South Coast have successfully created a promenade by shutting down streets to cars and opening them to pedestrians, the city of Carpinteria is not one of them.

Its efforts to shut down two blocks of Linden Avenue have been cancelled, and now, the barricades have been removed and the street reopened to vehicles.

Instead, the city has pivoted to allow businesses to occupy a portion of the street. That includes chair and tables for restaurants, and wares on display for retail businesses.

"One of the challenges we had before [is] the close-off kind of limited the retail stores," says Mayor Wade Nomura. "So by putting it back through, we have traffic flow."

The city has also authorized additional funding to help businesses which need more signage and other materials to show that they're open for business.