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Another South Coast City To Close Streets To Cars And Make Space For Pedestrians

John Palminteri

A section of downtown Carpinteria will be closed from August 10 to September 8, as part of an economic stimulus for the area.

The city council voted in favor of that action Monday night.

That decision was made after the council considered and then dismissed shutting down an even larger area.

After a survey of businesses in the area, a number of owners said that the closure would be very helpful for them to expand out to the sidewalk and street. With more room, customers could enjoy restaurant and retail areas while still adhering to physical distancing norms.

The business closures due to the coronavirus has been a significant blow to Carpinteria.

Under the current plan approved by the city council, side streets would still be open to cars, and there would still be some street parking on nearby streets and adjacent.

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