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Despite Coronavirus Lockdown, Crime Increases In Santa Barbara

Even though many people have been staying home during the coronavirus crisis, the Police Chief in Santa Barbara says that there has been an uptick in crime.

In a meeting with the City Council, officials brought up youth violence, petty thefts, smash and grabs, as well as some high profile cases like a shooting on Easter and a stabbing.

Police Chief Lori Luhnow says every shift is fully staffed.

Officials from the city spoke with youth coordinators about setting up more projects for youth after they get done with their quarantine-imposed homeschooling. Members also talked about bridging a gap between the East and West side of the city, where there's been some violence.

Officials told the public not to engage with anyone who might be committing a crime, but instead to call the police.

They also praised the public for enforcing social distance when visiting beaches and parks, which was a problem at the beginning of the coronavirus crisis.

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