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Uber Tests New Fare Model In Pickups On South Coast

The ridesharing service Uber is testing new features in three California cities, including one on the South Coast.

Drivers for the company in Santa Barbara will now be allowed to control their fares.

The move is in response to the state's new gig-worker law, AB 5, which went into effect earlier this year.

Uber has responded by making a number of product changes to protect its employment model.

The company says their initial tests in Palm Springs, Sacramento, and Santa Barbara would allow drivers to charge a fare up to five times the fare their app originally sets.

In Santa Barbara, this test is localized to the area around the airport.

The driver-side Uber app would show them an estimate of how long they would have to wait to pick up a passenger. A driver that would like to charge more for a ride would likely have to wait longer for a fare.

Andy worked at KCLU from 2016 until 2022.
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