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Interest Groups Prepare For Battle As Public Hearings Begin For New South Coast Police Station

The Santa Barbara Police Department's effort to relocate and build a new facility has support, but the sites are proving controversial.

Both preferred locations are city properties, and one, on Cota Street, is the site of the Saturday farmer's market.

Flyers went up this weekend to inform the public and urge the city to look elsewhere.

At the recent parks commission meeting, it was suggested that the other site would result in issues for the Louise Lowry Davis Center, the Teen Center and the 81-year-old Santa Barbara Lawn Bowls Club.

There would also have to be a ballot initiative to change the designation for a nearby park.

Bowls President Janet Napier said that if that happens, all of their members would be working very hard to ensure a "No" vote.

The first public hearing will be Wednesday evening at the Main Library.

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