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Rebates starting at $500 per unit for multi-family homes making energy savings in Tri-Counties

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A program to bring energy savings to multi-family homes is being launched in the Tri-counties area.

Rebates starting at $500 per unit are available to property owners and managers to lower the cost of upgrades in multi-family homes, with the aim to save energy and create more comfortable and affordable homes for residents.

Marisa Hanson-Lopez is the project manager for the Tri-County Regional Energy Network.

"Energy costs continue to go up, so we want both property owners who will benefit from reduced operating and maintenance costs in the long run - and reducing the energy bills of the tenants," said Hanson-Lopez.

"There are also some non energy benefits also, such as increased comfort in the home.

"If your home is drafty, you're more comfortable in it." said Hanson-Lopez.

A webinar giving information for property owners and managers is being held on Tuesday morning at 9 a.m.