The continuing surge in new coronavirus cases in California prompted the governor to order new restrictions for restaurants, and other sectors of the economy in 19 of the state’s counties, including Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties.

Two out of the three counties on the Central and South Coasts have reported big surges in new coronavirus cases.  Ventura County reported 186 new cases Tuesday, and San Luis Obispo County 44.  Santa Barbara County didn’t update its numbers Tuesday because of a data system upgrade.

Ventura County health officials say there’s been a large scale coronavirus outbreak at a farmworkers housing facility in Oxnard.

95 positive cases have been reported, with tests on 100 other people still pending.  The workers are in their 20’s and 30’s, and have had mild symptoms.  None of those who tested positive are reported to be seriously ill.  Residents of the housing complex are being placed under quarantine or isolation, depending on their test results.

California has seen the biggest one day surge in new coronavirus cases since the start of the crisis, and the Central and South Coasts are part of it. 

There have been five additional coronavirus related deaths, and more than 300 new diagnosed coronavirus cases on the Central and South Coasts.

Three new deaths are linked to a coronavirus outbreak at a senior care facility in Santa Barbara County, bringing the total there to nine.  County health officials say the latest deaths at the Country Oaks Care Center in Santa Maria were all people in their 70’s.  Ventura County had one additional death, a person in their 90’s with preexisting health conditions.

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases on the Central and South Coasts continues to grow, now topping the 4500 mark.  4559 cases have now been diagnosed in the region.

Santa Barbara County is at 2320 cases, up 67 from Thursday. 

Santa Barbara County Health officials say they are concerned, because there’s been an increase of 50 cases or more a day in the county for the last week. 

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases on the Central and South Coasts now tops 4000.

The current total is 4049.  Ventura County has 1,633, Santa Barbara County 2069, and San Luis Obispo County 347.  About half of the Santa Barbara county’s numbers are linked to the federal prison complex in Lompoc.

An additional coronavirus related death has been reported in the region, bring the total to 60.  Ventura County had the latest death.  The county has had 41 deaths overall.  Santa Barbara County has had 18, and San Luis Obispo County one.

Wildfires have become all too familiar on the Central and South Coasts.  For instance, the massive 280,000 Thomas Fire in Ventura and Santa Barbara killed two people, and destroyed more than a thousand structures.

On top of coronavirus, in addition to protest marches, we are in high brush fire season.  A new state report points out that while brush clearance, or defensible space around structures is the key to protecting them from fire, there are major inconsistencies when it comes to enforcement.  It suggests the state should adopt Ventura County’s model.

A woman has been arrested for an arson attack in Ventura County.

Ventura County Sheriff’s detectives say that on May 14th, someone intentionally started a dumpster fire on the 400 block of Las Posas Road in Camarillo.

It spread to a nearby electrical shed, and caused $50,000 in damage before it was extinguished.

The death toll has climbed to 23 on the Central and South Coasts from coronavirus.

Someone in Santa Barbara County in their 60’s with pre-existing health conditions is the latest victim of the virus.

The 23 deaths include 16 in Ventura County, six in Santa Barbara County and one in San Luis Obispo County.

It’s a sound you haven’t heard on Ventura County golf course for more than a month.  It’s the thwack of golfers hitting golf balls.  John Marino is excited to be out with friends at the Los Robles Greens Golf Course in Thousand Oaks.  He’s golfing with his friend David Anderson.

Ventura County modified its stay at home orders over the weekend, reopening county parks and golf courses.

The number of coronavirus cases on the Central and South Coasts topped the 680 mark Saturday, with 18 additional cases reported in the region.

The total number of diagnosed cases now stands at 683.

Ventura County has 309 cases, up 11 from Friday's count.  Santa Barbara County picked up four cases, going from 260 to 264.  And, San Luis Obispo County went from 107 to 110 diagnosed cases.

The Central and South Coasts have now topped 600 confirmed coronavirus cases.  Health officials say so far, a feared large spike in numbers in the region hasn’t occurred.

The number of coronavirus cases on the Central and South Coasts continues to grow, now standing at 560.

Ventura County now has 243 cases.  That’s up 17 from Monday.

A strong storm system is headed to the Central and South Coast, one which could bring between one to three inches of rain to much of the region.

We’ll see increased clouds Saturday, but the storm won’t arrive until Sunday.  The Central Coast could start getting light rain early Sunday.  The South Coast will get its heaviest rainfall Sunday night into Monday.