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Conejo Valley Kids Learn Computer Programming At Unique Business

Mason Tarter, 12, learns how to code at Code Ninjas in Thousand Oaks

Some kids in the Conejo Valley are spending time at a unique business where they’re learning how to develop computer programs known as coding.

“You’re able to use coding to affect things in the real world like controlling one of these drones,” says 12-year-old Mason Tarter who comes to Code Ninjas in Thousand Oaks.

He's learning how to code and will eventually build his own game.

“Being able to make them [games] and play them as well – that’s kind of my dream,” he says.

Tarter is one of more than 40 seven- to 14-year-olds enrolled in this afterschool program where kids learn computer programming that includes science, technology, engineering and math or STEM.

“Not only are they learning specific languages and development code in computers, but they’re learning problem-solving, logic, critical thinking skills, how to collaborate with other kids,” says Scott Matalon who owns the Thousand Oaks franchise.

He will be opening another Code Ninjas in Camarillo next year.

Matalon says the hope is to give these children a jump-start in the job market.