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South Coast Biotech Foundation Donates Millions Of Dollars To Support Biology Learning

Photo by Khan Academy

A South Coast biotech company’s foundation is donating several million dollars in an effort to help students around the world learn biology.

The Amgen Foundation in Thousand Oaks is providing a three-year, $3 million grant to Khan to develop comprehensive new biology lessons.

Katherine Morris with Khan Academy says Amgen’s first grant allowed Khan to create a more generalized biology curriculum.

“Now, with the second grant, we’re able to actually tailor the content and fill gaps and add more specific content related to particular high school curriculums and AP curriculums,” she said.

Morris says this grant will be used to add 150 videos, 100 articles and 1,000 practice questions to its biology section. 

The Amgen Foundation supports KCLU’s coverage of science and technology stories.