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Local Tech Savvy Student Uses Skills To Help Pursue His Dream Job

Will Oakley, 17, a student at Dos Pueblos High School in Goleta

A tech savvy student on the South Coast is using his skills in a way that could someday help launch his dream job.

Seventeen-year-old Will Oakley, a senior at Dos Pueblos High School in Goleta, created the DPHS app.

He’s working with the district to get the app approved so that students can use it to access their grades and the school’s college application service, check school athletic scores, among other things. 

“I thought it would be a good idea to put it all together into one thing that students would like using and would know how to use," said Oakley.

He submitted the app to the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, where he was just one of 350 students across the globe to receive a scholarship to attend the event.  

He’s now at the San Francisco conference, meeting developers and learning about new Apple products.

Oakley hopes to be in their shoes one day.

“It’s a really neat path to pursue just because it’s changing so much and there’s such a demand for it,” he said.


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