Voters Approve Cannabis Taxes In Santa Barbara County; Lompoc Voters Reject School Bond Proposal

Jun 6, 2018

While much of the focus in Tuesday's election was on some big state races and some congressional seats on the Central and South Coast, there were also four measures on the ballot in Santa Barbara County.

Perhaps the biggest one was Measure T, the Santa Barbara County Marijuana Operations General Tax. It sets up a tax structure for marijuana production, distribution, and retail sales. Voters passed it by about a 75% margin.

In Isla Vista, voters approved a utility tax of 8% to pay for improvements by the Isla Vista Community Services District. The preliminary numbers show it passed by an 83% margin.

Voters in the Hope School District approved a five year, $79 dollar a year per parcel annual assessment. They approved it by a more than two thirds margin. The idea is to reduce class sizes, and add more enrichment programs in the three school district.

But, a school bond proposal in another Santa Barbara County community failed. Measure Q called for the issuance of $79 million dollars in bonds to replace outdated facilities, and technology in the Lompoc Unified School District. It got a 50.29% yes vote, but needed 55% support to pass.