Ventura County Sheriff's Deputies Rescue Giant Stuffed Pet Pig; Photos Go Viral

Aug 9, 2019

It’s perhaps one of the more unusual rescues performed by law enforcement officers in Ventura County, and it’s gone viral around the world via social media. Deputies found a giant stuffed pig Monday night at the Camarillo Metrolink Station. The stuffed animal is so big they had to use a pickup truck to get it to the Camarillo Police Station.

It’s believed that someone won the pink pig at the Ventura County Fair. Deputies think the winner took the train from Ventura to the Camarillo station, but abandoned the giant prize because it wouldn’t fit in a rideshare car. Officers have named it Petunia.

They say if no one steps up to claim it, they will make the giant pink pig their official mascot at the Camarillo station.