Transit Service On South Coast Adds Alert Feature For Some Riders

Aug 10, 2019

“Hello, you’ve reached the senior Dial-A-Ride and ADA paratransit dispatch center.” 

That’s what callers on the South Coast will hear when they call the Dial-A-Ride program, which gives inexpensive pickup and ride service for senior citizens or passengers with disabilities. 

That busy service has launched a new system of ride alerts, which will now notify riders via call, email or text about the status, timing, and arrival of their rides.

Erin Walters with Thousand Oaks Transit says that the changes will make the dial a ride process easier for both users and family members.

“We want to minimize their need to call in and check on their trips, to call in and find out what time they’re going to arrive," Walters says." So hopefully the impact will be not only to the riders but to their families, who are sometimes waiting for their loved one to be picked up before they can go on with their day.”

The Ride Alerts for Dial-A-Ride service, or RADAR, will be active in Thousand Oaks, Agoura Hills, and for the East County Transit Alliance (ECTA).