String Of Storms Headed Towards Central, South Coasts; So Far, No Warnings For Burn Areas

Jan 10, 2019

The Central and South Coasts could see on and off rain for the next few days, but meteorologists say it’s still too soon to tell if we could see problems in brush fire burn zones. The first system is expected to move into the region Friday night, and stick around through midday Saturday.

There is the potential for some locally heavy rainfall, but so far the National Weather Service is holding off on issuing any flood warnings or watches.

Round two is expected Sunday night, but the timing is considered to be a little iffy. There is the possibility of some heavier rainfall on Monday.

Then, a third storm could impact the region Thursday. People in and around burn zones should keep a close eye on the forecast for the next few days.

The biggest concern right now is about dangerous surf conditions. On Wednesday, a number of surfers had to be rescued off the coast of Isla Vista, and the Ventura Pier is closed to the public as a precaution against big waves.