South Coast Library Celebrates 100th Anniversary With Its Own Book

Jun 8, 2017

A South Coast library is celebrating its 100th anniversary in a unique way.

Some Santa Barbara Library boosters thought what better way to celebrate than with the library’s own book.

Steven Gilbar, with the group “Friends of the Santa Barbara Library” is editor of the new book celebrating libraries. He enlisted some internationally known local writers, starting with T.C. Boyle, who wrote its foreword. After Boyle signed on, others like Sue Grafton, Pico Ayer, and Fannie Flagg, volunteered for what is called “Library Book: Writers on Libraries.”

The result is a 250 page book featuring the works of 80 authors. It’s being sold at local bookstores, and on Amazon, with 100% of the proceeds benefiting the library.

It will be released at a reception at 7:30 Saturday night at the library. The benefit reception will feature music, food, and readings by some of the authors.