New Solar Farm Helping Conjeo Valley Water District Go Green, Saving Millions In The Process

Jan 11, 2021

A Conejo Valley water district is going green in a way which will reduce pollution and save millions of dollars.  A new five-megawatt solar farm is cutting power consumption by the Los Virgenes Municipal Water District. 

The five million dollar project was paid for by a private investment company.  The company built the farm and will operate it, in exchange for a long-term deal with the water district to buy the power.

The solar farm will pump recycled water throughout the region.  It’s estimated the reduction in pollution is equivalent to taking about 1200 cars from the road.

But, the water district is not only getting green electricity, it’s at a cheaper rate than it is getting from Southern California Edison.  Las Virgenes officials say the deal will save the district ten million dollars over the next 25 years.