Longtime Republican Leader Set To Speak on South Coast Calls For Trump Impeachment

Oct 21, 2019

A longtime Republican Party leader and one time Presidential candidate set to speak on the South Coast has made huge waves on the impeachment issue.

John Kasich was a prominent member of Congress, two term governor of Ohio and a 2016 Presidential candidate.  Kasich tells KCLU News that the country comes before a political party, and that he now favors impeachment.

He says it comes in the wake of last week’s statement by acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney that a quid-pro-quo situation had occurred with the U.S. linking aid to the Ukraine to thsat country helping with a U.S. Department of Justice investigation. Mulvaney has since backpedaled, saying that what he said has been misinterpreted.

Kasich is headed to Santa Barbara County to talk about his new book “It’s Up To Us: Bringing About Meaningful Change.” Kasich is now a Senior Political Commentor for CNN.

The longtime congressman, and governor says while we have become acutely aware of the political divisiveness in the country during the last few years, he believes its roots are much deeper, going back years. Kasich believes we’ve become too obsessed with what’s happening at the national level. He says all meaningful change begins at the local level, and moves up.

Kasich will speak at UC Santa Barbara’s Campbell hall at 7:30 Wednesday night. The UCSB Arts and Lectures event is open to the public.