DIY Home Brush Clearing Leads To Increase In Animals Needing Care In Santa Barbara County

May 21, 2020

As people staying home take on projects clearing brush and debris, a South Coast nonprofit has seen an increase in birds and small animal displaced from their nests.

The Santa Barbara Wildlife Care Network, which focuses on rescuing and rehabilitating birds, reptiles, and terrestrial mammals, has seen a big uptick of cases.

More than 400 animals are currently in care at the organization, and they're receiving roughly 40 new arrivals a day.

Executive Director Ariana Katovich says that the new influx of animals has the organization working at capacity.

"We want people to be proactively thinking about how to help wildlife, so that it reduces the impact to our organization, which is just doing everything we can," Katovich says.

She suggests that people looking to do brush clearing at home should first watch the area for three days, to see if and where any animals are nesting.

The nonprofit is looking for volunteers to help during this busy time, as well as working on a donation campaign for a new facility.