Crackdown On Homeless Camps At South Coast Beach Underway

Aug 23, 2019

The skip loaders are moving on the South Coast as crews are removing some homeless camps which have popped up at a popular beach.

More than two dozen illegal camps were set up in the Ormond Beach area, upsetting some beach users and nearby residents.

Earlier this week, Oxnard Police assisted by Port Hueneme Police began contacting the illegal campers, telling them they needed to leave.  The police were accompanied by social service workers who provided information on housing assistance that’s available.

On Thursday, some 15 people still in the area were contacted, but no arrests were made.

Most of the people living in the improvised campsites abandoned them, so crews started removing them.  The cleanup could take several days.

Oxnard Police say they will do weekly sweeps through the area to insure that people don’t return, and set up new camps.