Coronavirus Related Death Toll Continues To Mount On Central, South Coasts

Aug 27, 2020

The Central and South Coasts haven’t had the high coronavirus death toll we’ve seen in other parts of the country, but the numbers continue to mount.

The total for the region now stands at 218, and continues to grow by around a dozen people a week. Ventura and Santa Barbara County public health officials say for those who still question the danger of coronavirus, look at the death toll right in our backyard.

Dr. Rigoberto Vargas is Ventura County’s Public Health Director.  He says those who are dying are our mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers.

Vargas notes that while most of those who’ve died have other, preexisting health conditions, without coronavirus most of them would probably still be alive today.

Nearly half of the coronavirus related deaths have been in Ventura County, with a total of 107.  Santa Barbara County has had 90, and San Luis Obispo County 21.

While most of those who’ve died as a result of coronavirus in our region are older adults, the death toll includes some people in their 20’s.