Contraband Found At Santa Barbara County Jail Called Largest Seizure In Jail's History

Aug 3, 2018

Deputies say they’ve made a drug bust which wasn’t large scale compared to some others in Santa Barbara County. But, what makes it very unusual is where they made it. It was in the Santa Barbara County Jail.

Deputies say after receiving a tip someone had a large supply of contraband in the jail, they did a surprise search. They seized methamphetamine, heroin, ecstasy pills, and THC concentrate from a cell.

The officers also found a number of other contraband items including a cell phone, a lighter, and drug paraphernalia. They say it was the largest seizure of its type in the jail’s history.

An inmate, Dylan Sulit-Swalley, was arrested on charges of bringing drugs into a jail, and bringing them into the jail for sale.