Central Coast City Gets Federal Help For Long Sought New Water Reclamation Facility

Mar 11, 2020

A Central Coast city is getting major federal help in its efforts to build a needed new wastewater treatment facility. Morro Bay is building a $120 million dollar plus water reclamation facility which will be capable of meeting up to 80% of the city’s future water needs. It would a replace a more than half century old plant which fails to meet current standards.

The city has received word that it will get up to $62 million dollars in low interest funding through the federal Environmental Protection Agency. The low interest loan for nearly half of the project’s costs will save the city nearly $30 million dollars in interest.

Plans call for work on the 15 acre project to begin later this year, with the new facility going online in 2023. It had been delayed over environmental concerns related to habitat in the area for an endangered species of frog.