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Ventura County Health Officials On Vaccinations; We're Ready, But We Can't Get Enough Vaccine


The big COVID-19 question many people have these days is “When can I get a shot?”  The answer on the Central and South Coasts isn’t a simple one. No one has the answer right now.

Ventura County Public Health Officer Dr. Robert Levin says the issue isn’t organizing vaccination clinics.  He says they have a plan.  They just don't have enough vaccine. 

They've received about 60,000 doses of vaccine so far, which is enough to vaccine about 30,000 people.  Levin says about 3% of the county's population has been vaccinated.

The health offical says they have plans to do more than 24,000 vaccinations a week, but are only getting about 10,000 doses weekly.  Companies are working around the clock to make the vaccine, but the gobal demand is huge.

Ventura County’s vaccinations are currently by appointment only.  Barry Zimmerman is Chief Deputy Director of the Ventura County Health Care Agency.  He says some people have been just showing up to try to get shots, but with limited vaccine they are by appointment only.

Ventura County plans to activate a phone-in reservation system for vaccinations next week. 

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