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The Final Push Is On; Central, South Coast Polls Busy On Election Night


We're coming down to the wire, with the last couple of hours of voting on the Central and South Coasts.  Nearly a half million people in the region have already voted going into the 8 p.m. Tuesday deadline.

In Ventura County, the latest numbersshow 340,000 people have voted.  That’s a 68% voter turnout.  Ventur County elections officials say on Election Day, more than 10,000 people cast ballots between 7 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.

Santa Barbara County is reporting 140,000 people turned in ballots.  That’s 61%.  But, the county hasn’t updated its number since Monday.

KCLU’s Lance Orozco reports from a polling place in the Conejo Valley where there were some lines this afternoon, but no long waits.