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Highway 101 Open Again After Bizarre Shooting On Central Coast

(CHP Photo)
A section of Highway 101 on the Central Coast was closed by a shooting Monday night.

A woman is in custody following a bizarre shooting incident which left a man with a minor gunshot wound, and closed a section of Highway 101 on the Central Coast.

CHP investigators say several shots were fired on Highway 101 near Donavan Road at around 5 Monday night.  The southbound lanes of the highway were closed as law enforcement officers looked for whoever was firing the shots.

At least three vehicles were hit, and a man in one of them suffered an arm wound.

As officers investigated what was happening, they discovered a woman in a car parked off the highway.  They say the woman claimed that she had car trouble.  But, they found ammunition casings and a gun, leading to her arrest.  The highway was completely reopened by around 10:30 Monday night.