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Federal Grant Sets Stage For Project To Try To Prevent More Dangerous Debris Flows In Montecito

A Montecito home hit by the January, 2018 debris flow

FEMA has awarded Santa Barbara County more than $13 million dollars towards building a new debris basin to try to prevent more disastrous mud and debris flows in Montecito.

In January of 2018, the community was devastated by an avalanche of rock, mud, water, and debris which swept through the community after nearby mountain slopes were stripped bare by the Thomas wildfire.  23 people died.

FEMA gave the Santa Barbara County Flood Control District $13.5 million dollars to buy some land along Randall Road in Montecito.  The $18 million dollar project will help control debris flows from San Ysidro Creek. 

It’s expected to have more than four times the capacity of an existing debris basin in the area.