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Santa Barbara County Will Host Pre-Election Day Polling Places, Ballot Dropoff Boxes


Santa Barbara County is beefing up efforts to make sure voters get their votes counted in the November election.

County elections officials say they will have three dozen in person voting sites operating from October 31st through Election Day, which is November 3rd.  Facial coverings will be required, and people waiting to vote will be asked to socially distance in line.

Additionally, the county will be putting up at least 30 secured voter drop boxes.  They will be available around the clock starting October 5th.  The idea is that voters worried about the potential for postal service delays in ballot delivery can bypass the traditional mail system. 

Voters can of course vote by mail still.  The Postal Service is advising people to send in vote by mail ballots by October 27th to insure they arrive in time to be counted.