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Mystery Seeds From China Showing Up In Ventura County; Ag Officials Urge People To Turn Them In


Some Ventura County residents are among those across the country who’ve received mysterious packets of seeds from China.  County Agricultural officials are asking people not to open the packets, and to turn them in.

There’s concern the seeds may carry plant disease, or be invasive seeds.  County ag officials say it’s important that people don’t throw them away, because they could potentially sprout at dumpsites.  They say if you call them, they will arrange a dropoff or pickup of the seeds. 

Federal ag experts say preliminary tests show the seeds are a mix of cabbage, hibiscus, lavender, mint, morning glory, mustard, rose, rosemary.  So far, nothing harmful is being reported, but testing is continuing.

No one is sure who is sending out the seeds, or why.  They’ve arrived at homes around the country, as well as in places like Europe and Australia.