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Caltrans Clearing Brush In Area Of Santa Barbara County Hit By Fires Triggered By Homeless Camps

(City of Goleta photo)
Caltrans crews work to clear brush along Highway 101 in Goleta

A project is underway to reduce the brush fire danger along a section of Highway 101 in Santa Barbara County which has had a string of fires triggered by homeless camps. Caltrans crews are clearing brush and dead vegetation from Fairview Avenue to Los Carneros Road in Goleta.

They are also trimming trees in the area. There have been several small brush fires in the area linked to homeless camps.

In the past, authorities would move to clear the sites. But, because of the coronavirus crisis local officials around the country are being told to leave the camps alone, because dispersing them might spread coronavirus.

In addition to clearing brush, Caltrans crews are providing plastic trash bags to the homeless camps. The crews are telling residents to leave the full bags on the shoulder of the highway, and they will pick them up on a weekly basis.

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