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Central, South Coasts Scene Of Multiple George Floyd Protest Marches, But They Are Peaceful

Demonstrators take part in a Sunday night protest event in Thousand Oaks

The Central and South Coasts were the scene of a number of protest events last weekend over the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police.  But, unlike some of the demonstrations in bigger cities around the country, the ones in our region were peaceful.

About 150 people were on hand for a demonstration on Lynn Road in Thousand Oaks Sunday night.  Taylor Sable was one of the protestors, and she says they are speaking up against the unacceptable deaths of black men and women around the country at the hands of law enforcement.
Many people held up signs, and chanted things like black lives matter. Joshua Thompson is another one of the demonstrators.  He says all lives matter, but the focus right now is on how blacks have been unnecessarily dying at the hands of people who should be protecting them. 
The demonstration was peaceful, but at one point law enforcement officers moved some of the demonstrators off of the Lynn Road overpass over concerns they might try to move onto Highway 101.