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Woman Arrested Over Bomb Threat Which Forced Central Coast Courthouse Evacuations


Detectives say a Central Coast woman who called in a bomb threat that forced the evacuation of a courthouse did it because her boyfriend was there to start serving a jail sentence.

San Luis Obispo Police received a call Thursday morning from a woman saying there were two bombs in the San Luis Obispo County Courthouse. 

Evacuations started, but officials found nothing in the courthouse or the adjacent Government Center complex.

Detectives traced the disposable phone used to make the threat to a store, which led them to Carrie Maggard of Los Osos.  They say the 40-year-old woman admitted to making the threat.  

At the time of the threat, her boyfriend, Derek Atkins, was at the courthouse turning himself in to start a jail sentence for an unrelated charge. 

Maggard is facing conspiracy and bomb threat charges.  Investigators say they are seeking a conspiracy charge against Atkins.