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Governor Says State Could Be In Stay At Home Mode Because Of Coronavirus For 8 To 12 Weeks


Governor Gavin Newsom says California could keep social distancing measures in place for two to three months, much longer that President Trump predicted for the country this week. And now, he’s taken some new steps to deal with people not complying.

He says most people are doing a good job of staying safe, but he says some need to do a better job of social distancing.

The Governor says he applauds the efforts of most Californians to take part in social distancing efforts to prevent coronavirus, but notes some still don’t get it. He says over the weekend people flocked to beaches and parks, but in some cases didn’t practice social distancing.

The governor announced that to discourage crowds, parking areas for state parks are being closed immediately. Governor Newsom says they are having an especially tough time getting young people to fully understand the message, and to stop get-togethers. He says they need to be responsible to help protect those who are older, and at higher risk.

Newsom says they are going to step up enforcement efforts, which could range from verbally cautioning people to citing them.

When asked about how long he, and state health officials think we may be in this coronavirus shutdown mode, he said it could be eight to 12 weeks. But, the Governor says it really depends on the state’s 40 million residents, and how seriously they take efforts to stop the spread of the disease.

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