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Naval Base Ventura County Could Be Used As Coronavirus Quarantine Site


A South Coast military base may soon be a quarantine site for people who may have been exposed to coronavirus overseas. Naval Base Ventura County officials announced the Secretary of Defense told them the facility might be needed to house some people subject to federal quarantine due to the coronavirus.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services said in a statement that it’s making preparations to use the base if necessary to quarantine people coming though LAX.

Officials are holding a meeting Monday night for people who live, and work on the base to answer questions they might have about the situation.

A military base in Riverside County was used to quarantine about 200 people, but they were released after all of them tested negative for the illness.

There have been around 80,000 cases around the world, and more than 2600 deaths. But, so far there have only been around three dozen confirmed cases in the U.S.