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South Coast-Based Nonprofit Aims To Empower Impoverished Women In Africa In Unusual Way

Photo by The Greater Contribution
Eunice uses a loan for her dress shop

There’s a nonprofit based on the South Coast that aims to empower impoverished women in Africa in an unusual way. 

Thousand Oaks-based The Greater Contribution helps poor women living in Uganda by providing them with micro loans so they can start their own businesses.

“We wanted to work on a more long-term solution to poverty. Not just one-time aid but aid that would give people an ongoing income and a way to truly lift themselves out of poverty,” says President and Founder Karon Wright.

These small businesses deal in basic necessities like selling used clothing or produce. For every $80, the organization provides the women with a micro loan, mentoring, business skills and literacy training. She says after two years, their income increases by about 400%.

“This makes a tremendous difference. This really transforms a women’s life and the lives of her family,” Wright says.

The Greater Contribution will hold a fundraiser at California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks on Sunday at 3 pm. 

For  more information about The Greater Contribution, visit