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NPR News Host Emphasizes Importance Of Listening During Talk On South Coast

NPR Morning Edition Host David Greene speaks at KCLU event at California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks

An NPR news host emphasized the importance of listening at a time of much distraction in the world when he spoke in the Conejo Valley over the weekend. 

Morning Edition Host David Greene, appearing at a KCLU event on Saturday at California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks, says this is a time when we should be listening to each other more.

“There’s so much noise – so many political talking points. You’re not actually spending time creating spaces where you’re having a real conversation with someone and listening to what they’re saying and who they are,” he says.

Greene also says despite the distraction, broadcast news still has a significant role today.

“Compelling story telling. It is taking people places that they wouldn’t go otherwise to understand a community or a culture. It is covering big events without jumping to conclusions and just asking questions and being curious and trying to understand why,” he says.

Greene says we need to remind people about the importance of news and ensure they have news outlets they can trust.