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California Lutheran University Adds Film And Television Major

Photo by Brian Stethem
Program Director David Grannis, center, working with students on filming

California Lutheran University is adding a film and television major.

For more than a decade, the Thousand Oaks-based university provided communication majors with the option of pursuing an emphasis in film and TV. But David Grannis, the program director of the new department, says that wasn't enough.

“A lot of people are really enamored by film and television. They want to work in the industry. And up until now we’ve had no clear path to get there. We’ve sort of had these paths that go around, but you can never really concentrate on what you really wanted,” he says.

Grannis says Cal Lutheran’s proximity to Hollywood also gives students important internship opportunities.

“Your internship provides you the connections to meet somebody who can help you find a job when you graduate,” he says.

Beginning this fall, students can major in film and television with the choice of concentrating in production or film studies. A minor will also be offered.

Cal Lutheran is the parent of KCLU Radio.