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Ventura County Middle And High School Students Take Part In Statewide Cybersecurity Contest

California Mayors Cyber Cup competition at Moorpark College

More than 160 middle and high school students took part this weekend in a cybersecurity contest in Ventura County as part of a statewide competition.

Moorpark College was one of 12 regional sites to host the California Mayors Cyber Cup.

The students used their technical skills in a real-life cybersecurity scenario in which an electrical grid was attacked.

"So it's like a mystery where you can keep searching for something until you find it.  And there's clues along the way. So, it's kind of fun.  We're going to have technology more and more, so you'll need cybersecurity to make sure everyone's safe," said Westlake High School senior Kevin Stubbings, who was among those participating.

The goal is to foster the next generation of cybersecurity professionals.

Throughout the state, more than 1,400 students participated.