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A Thank You For Some Woolsey Fire Firefighters Wrapped Up In The Form Of Gourmet Breakfast Burritos

Some Agoura Hills residents delivered tasty thank yous to firefighters for saving their homes in the form of gourmet breakfast burritos

A group of people is busy setting up a roadside booth just off of Highway 101, in Agoura Hills. Madison Buckley is trying to drum up business, with a sign which says “Breakfast Burritos.” But, these burritos aren’t for sale. They are for firefighters returning from the fire lines, or just getting ready to start their shifts.

Linda Cuban says some Agoura Hills residents wanted to do something for the firefighters who saved entire neighborhood. The answer they came up with was a simple one: Food.

Shari Mandel helped organize the effort. Bringing out food for the firefighters isn’t as simple as it sounds. You can’t just make a bunch of breakfast burritos in your kitchen, and take them to the fire station. Mandel says they had to enlist professional chefs, and get the help of city officials.

It’s a simple gesture, but to a hungry firefighter who just got done working all night long, a welcome one. LA County Firefighter Dominic DePietro says the last few days have been grueling. His truck was in the heart of the firefight in the Calabasas area. The firefighter says the community’s support has been amazing.

As people who lost their homes, or had them save struggle with the emotions of the ordeal, it has made what firefighters do every day very real to them. Agoura Hills resident Deanna Glassberg they just wanted to find a way to show appreciation to the people who put their lives on the line to try to save lives, and homes.