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New Public Art Project In Ventura County Pays Tribute To Law Enforcement Officers

Artist Heath Satow puts finishing touch on his new public artwork "The Thin Blue Line" in Moorpark

A dramatic new stainless steel sculpture pays tribute to some of the men and women of the law enforcement community in Ventura County. The new 20-foot-high sculpture by artist Heath Satow isn’t in a museum or art gallery.

Instead, the piece dubbed “The Thin Blue Line” was created specifically for the front lawn of the Moorpark Police Services Center, home to the Moorpark Police Department.

Satow, a Utah-based artist, was selected following a nationwide search for proposals.

Satow says you really need to circle the piece to fully see it. There are two separate stainless steel pieces bisected by a blue line. At night, LED lights send blue light into the sky.

He says it’s a reflection on the concept of the idea that Moorpark Police are part of what’s known as “The Thin Blue Line” that protects a community from crime.

The project has been in the works for about five years, but the artist created it during the last nine months. It cost about $160,000, but it wasn’t funded with tax dollars. Instead, developers paid for it as part of fees attached to their projects in the city.

Satow has works around the world, but was especially excited that Moorpark was willing to be open to an unconventional design. The artist says it’s exciting to see the finished work at its permanent home on Spring Road in Moorpark, especially because he wasn’t able to see the whole thing while he was creating it piecemeal.

It’s the latest addition to the city’s public art collection, with works outside of the city’s Human Services Center and at Veterans Memorial Park.