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Ventura County Students Compete In Robotics Competition

Middle and high school students compete in countywide robotics competition in Ventura

More than 100 middle and high school students throughout Ventura County who designed, built and coded their robots went head-to-head in a countywide competition.

Twenty-four teams competed in this VEX Robotics contest on Saturday at Holy Cross High School in Ventura.

"It gives us an opportunity to be creative in a real world situation, to use the skills that we've learned in our engineering classes -- and just in science and math and English and history and all those things -- to solve a real world problem a different way with a team," said Oak Park High School junior Dhruv Aggarwal who was among the students participating. 

Robots scored points by accomplishing tasks including flipping over a dish and putting a ball on top of it and driving the robot on a platform to park it.

The two winning teams will compete in the state competition in the spring.