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Unique Farmer's Market On South Coast Helps Terminally Ill And Mourners

Camarillo Farmer's Market

A farmer’s market on the South Coast does more than just sell local produce. It helps terminally ill residents as well as those in mourning. 

Neal Dixon is at the Camarillo Farmer’s Market in Old Town Camarillo. He says it’s not the typical farmer’s market.

“It’s a double win because it’s a great produce, supports our local farmers and our local hospice gets a benefit on top of that,” Dixon says.

This farmer’s market supports Camarillo Hospice which offers grief counseling and non-medical volunteer hospice services.

The market is run by volunteers like Ruff Smith.

“I feel like I’m doing something positive for the community. I am offering a service,” she says.

The Camarillo Farmer’s Market has raised $1 million since it started 27 years ago.

It’s every Saturday from 8 am to noon.