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New Museum Exhibition In Ventura County Shares Obscure And Wild Wacky Facts

Did you know that porcupines can float? Or, how about this. Croquet was once actually an Olympic sport, during the 1900 games. Those are some of the fun and obscure facts highlighted in a new museum exhibition in Ventura County called “Did You Know: 500 Wacky Facts to Boggle Your Mind!”

Holly Cole is Executive Director of the California Oil Museum, in Santa Paula. Cole says a team of four people researched the sometimes interesting and often wacky facts to put together the unique exhibition.

Some examples include the fact that the last letter added to the English alphabet wasn’t Z, it was J. And, no part of New Zealand is more than 80 miles from the ocean.

The exhibition “Did You Know: 500 Wacky Facts to Boggle Your Mind” runs through October 14th at the Calfornia Oil Museum in Santa Paula. It’s open Wednesdays through Sundays.