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Gun Confiscated, Then Returned To Man Used In Fatal Shooting Of Ex-Wife At Ventura County Mall

Aftermath of shooting at mall in Thousand Oaks Saturday

There’s a new development in what detectives say was a murder, the attempted suicide of the gunman in a crowded Ventura County shopping center.

Investigators say Kevin Crane shot to death his ex-wife with a pistol which had been confiscated by authorities, but was mistakenly returned to him.

In 2014, Crane was arrested on a domestic battery charge involving his wife, Parisa Siddiqi. At the time, a judge ordered that his pistol be confiscated. When his wife refused to testify against him, the case was dropped. Crane then filed an application with the state seeking the release of the gun, which was granted.

The Ventura County Sheriff’s Office property room returned the gun to him, with officials saying they didn’t get the paperwork with the judge’s order confiscating his gun.

The 29 year old woman was shot to death Saturday while she was at work at a store in the Oaks Mall, in Thousand Oaks. Crane remains in critical condition at a hospital after trying to kill himself.