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Some Victims Of Blast, Toxic Cloud At Ventura County Waste Water Facility Get Restitution

18 people were hurt in after a blast, and toxic chemical cloud hit a wastewater treatment facility in Ventura County

Some of the people injured by a blast, and toxic chemical release at a waste  water treatment facility in Ventura County are getting restitution.

The Ventura County District Attorney’s Office, and the State Attorney General’s Office released $700,000 to some of the victims of the November, 2014 incident at the Santa Clara Waste Water facility outside of Santa Paula.

18 company employees and first responders suffered injuries or health impacts from the blast or chemical fumes. The money comes as part of pleas by two of the defendants being criminally prosecuted for the incident.

Prosecutors say they are seeking more restitution funds in connection with the case. Investigators say some chemicals were improperly stored, and some company officials failed to keep proper records of what was on site.

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