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Dozens Of Poisonous Snakes Seized In Ventura County Neighborhood

Animal Control officers say they found some 50 snakes, as well as alligators at a Thousand Oaks home Thursday

Authorities say they’ve seized venomous snakes, including cobras from two properties in Ventura County.

Animal control officials say they found about 50 snakes, as well as alligators at a home on Rancho Lane in Thousand Oaks. Experts from the Los Angeles Zoo were called in to help identify them, but some are definitely poisonous.

It’s the same neighborhood where a venomous white monocle cobra was spotted in 2014, and eventually captured. It created an uproar at the time because of safety concerns. No one claimed ownership of the snake, and it was eventually taken to the San Diego Zoo where it still lives.

Several days ago, a woman ran over a snake in the neighborhood. It was determined the snake was a cobra, prompting an investigation which led to the search warrants being served at both locations.