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Ventura County Pet Owners Can Get Help During Disasters

Pet Disaster Relief Trailer at Ventura County Animal Services shelter in Camarillo

If you’re a pet owner living in Ventura County, you’ll be relieved to learn that your animals will be taken care of when a disaster strikes.

At the Ventura County Animal Services shelter in Camarillo, there is a pet disaster relief trailer.

“They’re stalked with 65 kennels. I mean just tons of equipment,” Randy Friedman of VCAS said.

The trailer is packed with more than 10,000 items. It just sits here for most of the time, but when an emergency strikes, it’s transported to the Ventura County Fairgrounds. And, residents who are evacuated can take their pets there.

“We’ll hang on to the pets until the disaster is over," said Friedman. "We’ll take care of them. We will have food, water, vaccinations, blankets -- everything an animal would need.”

VCAS recently received two of these trailers, thanks to a $24,000 grant.