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South Coast University Student Develops App to Help Police Solve Crimes

Henry Bulmer with his app and drone

A student at a South Coast university has invented an app to help police detectives solve crimes.

Henry Bulmer, who studies computer science and criminal justice at California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks, developed an app that would direct a drone to take comprehensive crime scene photos .

“Because you don’t know what necessarily is going to be important in a case, you have to take photos of everything,” he said.

Bulmer said he came up with the idea after a forensic photographer spoke in his class.

“[He] told us the worst part of the job is just having to take photographs of the ground. Whenever I hear about something that’s repetitive and boring, I think 'Oh, why don’t we have a computer do it?' And in this case, a drone was the perfect candidate," he said.

Bulmer applied and won funding from CLU to create the app. He plans to talk to local law enforcement agencies, hoping their investigators will use his invention.

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