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Flying History Exhibition Of World War II Planes Visits Central, South Coasts

(Collings Foundation Photo)
Collings Foundation B-17 one of four planes visiting Central, South Coasts

They’re a seven decade old slice of history.

The World War Two era B-17, B-24, and B-25 bombers, and a P-51 fighter are visiting the Central and South Coasts as part of a 37 state national tour.

The non-profit Collings Foundation sponsors the tour to bring back memories for older generations, and educate your generations.

The tour covers costs by charging admission to see the 70 year old planes, and for the adventurous, you can book flights on them. The planes will be at Camarillo Airport until noon Friday. They’ll move to Santa Barbara Airport Friday afternoon, and remain there through Sunday afternoon. Their last local stop will be Santa Maria Airport, where they will be available for tours Monday through midday Wednesday.