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Historic South Coast Pier Reopens Several Months After It Was Heavily Damaged By High Surf

Historic Ventura Pier reopens to the public after more than four months of extensive repairs.

A historic pier on the South Coast has reopened to the public this weekend after it was closed for over four months following serious damage caused by high surf.

More than a hundred people gathered at the Ventura Pier on Saturday morning for a ribbon-cutting ceremony led by Mayor Erik Nasarenko and other city officials. After it was officially reopen, residents took a walk along the landmark and some spent the day fishing and enjoying the views of the Ventura Coast.

In December of last year, the pier was closed after high surf with 20-foot-high waves took their toll.  The heavy damage included the loss of 40% of the steel and wood cross bracings.  

Crews spent more than four months doing extensive repair work that cost $1.4 million. City officials say $1.2 million of the price tag was covered by insurance.

The Ventura Pier was built in 1872 as a wharf for commercial use. It was once considered the longest wooden pier, measuring nearly 2,000 feet.  It now measures just over 1,500 feet of steal and timber.